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Concrete Patios

Patios are the best place to spend a lazy afternoon on the weekend. It is also a place where you can spend time and dine with your family on a hot summer day. However, you may not have a patio installed in your home, or maybe you have one, but it needs to be improved. If this is the case, Toledo Concrete Contractors can install a stunning patio for you or redecorate the one you already have. Unlike wooden patios, concrete patios take less time to fix and are usually less complicated. With a wide range of options for concrete, you will ever run out of ideas when it comes to the style of your patio. Concrete has improved a lot throughout the years, so this gives you better options for your patio installation. Whether you like a simple, laid-back style or you want an edgy vibe to your patio, we can all make that happen at Toledo Concrete Contractors. You don’t have to worry about the cost because we offer one of the most affordable and flexible pricing when it comes to patio installation. We can provide you with styles and options that will fit your needs as well as your budget. We are willing to work within your budget to give you the patio of your dreams. Our skilled contractors can install an appealing patio into your home and increase its value. Terraces can make your property look even more appealing, and our job is to make one that is of high quality and style. If you are not sure what form you want for your patio, we can discuss with you your options, so you can choose the one that’s best for your taste.

Patio Options

When it comes to patio installation, you can generally choose between a stained concrete and stamped concrete. Whatever you want between the two can assure you that the result will look amazing. You can consult with us, and we will discuss with you the difference between the two, so you can choose the best one for your style and budget. Our goal is to make your patio appear like it’s laid with real stones without the expensive cost. When we are done with the installation, you will be surprised to see how much we were able to improve the look of your patio.

Patio Styles

Once you have decided between stamped or stained concrete, the next task is to choose the style of your patio. The following are the most popular style choices for patios:

  • Slate- no doubt slate is one of the most appealing materials for patios, but they are typically expensive. Don’t worry because, at Toledo Concrete Contractors, we can make your patio look like it’s made from slate.
  • Travertine- using stamped concrete, travertine patio style is not impossible to achieve.
  • Stone- stones can be really stylish when installing into your patios. If this is what you want for your patio, give us a call right away, and we will make it happen.

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